Brie cheese


  • Grapes (green or red)

  • Brie cheese

  • Honeycomb

  • Nuts of your choice (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.)


  • Start by selecting the fresh fruit of your choice. You can choose green or red grapes depending on your preference.

  • Now, to pair this delicious snack, we recommend a semi-sweet white wine or a sparkling wine, such as a Moscato or a Prosecco. The subtlety of these wines pairs wonderfully with the freshness of the grapes, the creaminess of the brie cheese, and the sweetness of the honeycomb.

  • This snack is perfect for any time of day and becomes an even more enjoyable experience when paired with the right wine. Enjoy this exquisite combination of flavors and aromas!

  • Wash the grapes and dry them carefully. This step will ensure that they are clean and ready to enjoy.

  • Now, prepare your tasting board. Place a piece of brie cheese in the center, surrounding it with a cluster of grapes. The soft and creamy brie cheese will pair perfectly with the sweetness of the grapes.

  • Next to your board, place a small bowl of honeycomb. The honeycomb will add a touch of natural sweetness and its texture is perfect for spreading.

  • Additionally, add a selection of nuts of your choice. You can include walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, or other nuts that you enjoy. The nuts will add a touch of crunch and additional flavor to your snack.

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